Illustrated actions and tips to Restore Our Earth

We can do more

For this earth day, we would like to show our love for our planet, by encouraging REAL ACTIONS in real life! And as illustrators, our arts can be powerful tools. Before Earth Day 2021, we'll present one illustration post every day on Instagram about different topics, each post includes easy tips or guides to build a nice relationship with our earth.

Be the change

You care about the Earth, and you want to encourage real actions as well. There are two ways you can be part of this project!

you draw

Water, energy, food... You can draw about the topics you care about, or just your personal tips for our earth. A list of tips or a guide at the end of the carousel post is required, so people can quickly grab your suggestions and share to the story.

Post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #DrawingEarthAction, so people can find your contribution.

You share

By sharing the post to your story, you can spread the word and tell people what environmental actions you are practicing. It'll encourage more people to join the action.

Meanwhile, your followers can easily grab the suggestions at a glance, so they'll know what they can do besides bringing their own water bottle.

And of course you apply those tips and actions in you life!

Build a nice relationship with trees

Be a water saver

Start plastic-free habits

Zero waste period

Fight fashion waste

Food choice

Seafood guide

Protect bees and butterflies

Protect the ocean while traveling

Fashion footprint

Grow your food

Low waste gift ideas

From owning to sharing

Animal conservation

National Park City

Water in food

Avoid fur

Digital carbon footprint

Eco friendly cleaning

Walk more

3 vegan recipes

3 vegan recipes

Exotic pets

Eco bathroom

Leave no trace

Shop wisely

Those plastic products in our daily

Mindful eating

Keep Veggie Fresh

Always have hope

Eat organic food

Eco-friendly parenting

Earth Day

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